The most important medium to present a festival or event to the outside world is a film. Everyone who tells something different is lying. Photos are also very important because they can be used for press or instagram, but photos will never trigger the emotional reaction of your (potential) visitors, like an aftermovie / event movie.

A successful aftermovie of your event:

  • makes you sell more tickets
  • convinces potential partners and sponsors
  • creates a fan feeling and strengthens your community
  • is demonstrably shared more often than photos
  • is the best way to succeed in the event market and eliminate your competitors
  • ensures continuous promotion (even over years)

But now we come to the most important aspect!

All the points you read above suddenly turn into the opposite when you engage someone for a film production who is not trained in this field. To produce a film like this, which becomes a viral experience and takes your festival to a new level, as well as increasing sales, needs a professional. Someone who has been working in this field for over 10 years. And right, that’s me!

Just like films you see in the cinema, a well-produced after or event movie has a certain dramaturgy. But there are 100 other things I consider when I produce a film for you. Do you know what one of my biggest secrets is? I edit the film in such a way that the viewer is hooked from the first second on. That’s probably one of the most important things. What’s the point of a movie if the user sees the first few seconds in his Instagram Feed and keeps scrolling? NOTHING! Further I assure you that I make the viewer feel like he wants to be part of what he sees! This point creates ticket sales and it is also the point that causes the video to be shared in the networks.

Your festival needs an aftermovie that people give their full attention to see how awesome your event is!

Give me this trustworthy task so that you can soon show everyone that you have the hottest event.

As one of the most experienced providers of aftermovies and eventmovies, I can assure you that my experience in filming, editing, audio and colour editing will enable me to deliver a production that is on an international level. I am aware of how short the audience‘s attention span is, so I will resort to editing and transition techniques that are extraordinary and make the film exciting and impressive not only through the camera technique.

Uh yeah!

Let's talk about your upcoming movie!