I think it is best I tell you why my clients book me.

From my perspective, a movie consists of three components:
    1. QUALITY
      The film must look good! It should be shot with a high quality camera and in the post production all efforts should be made to adjust the colours and to get a result that is aesthetically impressive.


    1. EDITING
      You’ll agree with me that a commercial can be boring, but also entertaining. We all know that. One of the things that determines whether or not you’re fascinated by what you see is the editing. Point one most people master. But to produce a film that is also convincing in terms of editing is something that far fewer filmmakers can do.


      It has been important to me all my life to understand why something fascinates me. I wasn’t satisfied with the fact that it fascinated me. I wanted to know why. Everything I’ve learned from my analyses I’m bringing to the film. Because in the end it’s all about convincing the viewer. No matter if it’s a commercial, an image film or a music video. Do you agree with me?


With every production I consider these three points. And yes, for me they are equally important. Because what is the point of an excellent cut if the quality is shitty and the film is not convincing on all other levels?

Your film needs a producer or filmmaker who understands what your goal is. Someone who understands your vision and who gives everything to achieve the best possible result.

As I mentioned above, video content contains content for me:

  • commercials
  • music videos
  • Image films

And much more. Please write to me if you have an idea that you would like to see trustworthily realized.

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